Thursday, May 22, 2014

Interviews with Aurora Nealand and Sharel Cassity

Saxophonist, singer, composer and performance artist Aurora Neeland

In the time since my previous blog post, I've interviewed saxophonist and composer Sharel Cassity for the Women In Jazz book project, and tomorrow I'll be interviewing New Orleans-based saxophonist, singer and composer Aurora Nealand. These are two very different musicians, and having them both in the same book only helps to illuminate the scope of the music and activity that falls under the umbrella of "jazz."

This brings the interviewee total to 37, and I'm thinking I'll interview one more musician before I put on the brakes. It's amazing how much transcribing and editing I've done in the past two and a half years, and I've got one more push before the copy is ready to be, er, copy edited. So I'm reaching the "end" of the project, which just means I'll just be shifting gears and focusing on either having someone publish the book OR publishing it on my own. More on all of that later...

As always, thank you for supporting this project. If you have a second to give the Women In Jazz book project's Facebook page a proverbial "like" that would be great. Doing so does help spread the word about this book and more importantly the participating musicians.