Wednesday, May 2, 2012


So with 9 days left in my Indiegogo campaign, I am over half way toward meeting my goal. And I'm optimistic about the next week, figuring I just need to keep reminding folks that the campaign is real, the book project is coming together very quickly, and that I need help to make it a reality.

I'm raising money on Indiegogo to fund a specially produced video that will promote the Women In Jazz book project. The video will go a long way toward helping to promote the book and connect with potential interviewees who may exist behind that firewall that is a manager, publicist, and/or record label.

Today I interviewed saxophonist Mindi Abair for the book. I had previously interviewed Mindi late last year for Culturemap Houston, and that conversation inspired me to consider compiling a collection of interviews with women who play jazz in all its forms into some kind of book form. Mindi has been incredibly gracious with her time, and has offered a very unique perspective on music and sustaining a career as (primarily) and instrumental artist. She may not play "jazz," but the music she plays is a cousin of that music, no question.

This past weekend, I interviewed soprano saxophonist and composer Jane Ira Bloom, Houston-based pianist Pamela York, and singer and composer ( (and friend) Sofia Rei. That's a pretty broad spectrum of musicians, and I'm just getting started! The conversations have been incredibly enlightening for me, and I can't wait to have them transcribed and presented together in book form. Later this month, I'll be interviewing harpist Brandee Younger and saxophonist Tia Fuller, who is playing with Esperanza Spaulding as I type this at the Houston House of Blues.

Any amount a person cares to donate is helpful. Please visit my Indiegogo page for more details about the project, some video, and great photos. Thanks everyone who has already donated or offered some other form of support! I truly, truly appreciate it.


Chris Becker

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