Saturday, November 10, 2012

November and December interviews!

Thanks for visiting the Women In Jazz book project blog. Women In Jazz is a book collection of interviews I'm conducting with women who play jazz in all of its guises and permutations. For more content, photos, videos, and music related to the project, check out the Women In Jazz page on Facebook and while you're there, click that "like" button!

I recently did a follow up interview with Houston pianist Pamela York about her new trio CD Lay Down This World: Hymns and Spirituals. A version of that interview will go up on Culturemap later next week, and I'll be sure to share it. And earlier this month, in the wake of hurricane Sandy, I interviewed New York drummer and big band leader Sherrie Maricle for the book. She's a hell of a drummer and her DIVA Jazz Orchestra is just awesome. Do check them out live if you can!

This month I'll be speaking to two pianists, Roberta Piket (you can check out some of her incredible recordings below) and Patrizia Scascitelli. I'll also follow up my profile for Culturemap of Houston tenor saxophonist Alisha Pattillo with a more detailed interview with her for the book. Very exciting.

As usual, this means I'm doing a LOT of listening. Only wish I had more time to listen to and play through even more music.

Thank you for your support for this project. 2013 we'll shift into high gear and head toward the later stages of completing the book. Stay tuned.

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