Thursday, September 25, 2014

Walking a Gauntlet

"When I first came to New York City in 1962, this was before the women's movement, when I went to a club, it was like walking a gauntlet. It was just understood that if there was a woman on the premises, the men were gonna hit on her. Now, this is called sexual harassment. In those years it was considered to be that's just how it is, you know? Like, what's there to think about? A lot of women in those days were kicked off of bandstands and out of the recording dates because of the prevailing notion, which was very strong then, that men were better, that women were not as good as men. If you thought that way, it was considered hip. This sexual harassment was very intense." - Pianist Connie Crothers to the author, 2013

THANK YOU everyone who has contributed to my crowd funding campaign in the past few weeks! I am seeking funds to help me pay a copy editor and graphic designer to complete my forthcoming book Freedom of Expression: Interviews With Women in Jazz. 

The quote is a brief excerpt from my conversation with pianist Connie Crothers, one of the 37 musicians that are interviewed in the book. 

The campaign continues through September 30.

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