Sunday, October 19, 2014

The copyediting begins...

...or rather, the copy writing has begun. Thanks to a successful fundraising campaign, I have the funds necessary to work with (i.e. pay) a professional to copyedit my book (Freedom of Expression: Interviews With Women in Jazz). Copyediting is a crucial step in completing any written work, and I am truly enjoying the process. It's nice to finally share the completed work with somebody whose job it is is to make sure all of the copy is tight, accurate, sourced and consistent. EVERY author you love has worked with a great copy editor, trust me.

I plan to self-publish the book in 2015. Once I made that decision, I knew I had to work with both a professional copy editor and graphic designer. It's sort of like recording great demos, then taking time to mix everything properly and work with a great mastering engineer. (It's kind of cool how many similarities there are between creating music and writing.)

On that note, I need to review some of the work that's come back to me. Wish me luck as we head into winter and the next-to-final stages of realizing this work. I couldn't have done it without your support!

P.S. The image below made ME laugh. But I have a pretty grim sense of humor...

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